Shamir - Homo Anxietatem - Album Out

Shamir’s work on Homo Anxietatem is loud, angry, grounded, delicate and splendid all at once...
Paste Magazine

"As poignant as ever."

"Shamir’s songwriting is loud and buoyant, displaying a full array of human emotions..."
Under The Radar

"...soaring guitars, expressive and vulnerable lyricism, full-force percussion, and that radio play-friendly song structure so often found in the MTV era."

"...heavy Lilith Fair vibes, sounding a bit like Taylor Swift if she wrote bedroom dream pop."

"Shamir’s music defies categorization, marrying classic alt rock with future-looking aesthetics and a zeal for experimentation."

"Shamir has a voice to die for. Just listen to ‘Our Song’ and you will hear exactly what I’m talking about. Expressive, striking, a remarkably fluid instrument, as tender as it is tough, it just soars and soars."
God Is In The TV

 Happy album release to ShamirHomo Anxietatem is officially OUT NOW. For the 9th Shamir album in eight years, and his debut for Kill Rock Stars label, the shapeshifting songsmith tries on yet another shade of perfect popcraft. After a run of critically acclaimed heavy rock and industrial-tinged records, Shamir forms his literally unforgettable tunes into alternately subdued and soaring alt-pop. For a 28 year-old, Shamir’s amassed a huge body of work. His live show and recorded output are more closely aligned than ever, holding close to guitar-bass-drums combos. The songs are elemental, yet flawless in their own Shamir-ness. And with the studio polish provided by Hoost (Rina SawayamaVC Pines), the barebones songwriting becomes the foundation for Shamir in a more introspective mode. This is what happens when one of the most prolific songwriters of a generation calms down a bit: the search for meaning becomes mundane. What happens when someone who lives a chronically unstable life finds solid ground? Well, out comes a perfect pop-punk-rock record.

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