Shamir - Hope - Reissue Out Now

1. Hope
2. What Else
3. Ignore Everything
4. Tom Kelly
5. Easier
6. Like A Bird
7. One More Time Won't Kill You
8. I Fucking Hate You
9. I Can’t Tell You
10. Rain
11. Bleed It Out
12. Breathe (Bonus)
13. Camouflage (Bonus)
If pop music demands perfection and following a regiment of rules, ‘Hope’ runs screaming away from all of that, perhaps freeing Shamir to travel uncharted waters."

Happy album release day to Shamir

KRS is thrilled to share Hope (Deluxe Reissue) along with Shamir's live one-take performance video of the bonus track “Camouflage" w/ Matt Knox! We are equally excited to announce that Shamir will be joining Le Tigre for two upcoming shows - 5/27 at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA + 7/28 at Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, NY.
"Hope came at a time in my life when I was desperately searching for it. I found myself not wanting to do music anymore after a rough introduction into the music industry. I didn't feel seen or heard as the artist I was, or at least wanted to be, and I was afraid that if I revealed that part of myself no one would embrace it. At the time I recorded Hope I fully believed it would be the last thing anyone would hear from me. Somehow, though, this record just cleared a new chapter for me. The love and fall out from this record completely changed the course of my life in ways I'm not sure anyone other than my close ones could fully understand. There were hard times. There were even harder times. Then there was rock bottom, but the solace this record provided me created a world of strength I wasn't able to tap into until I made it. Hope is a reminder that our paths are completely malleable, even if we get injured carving it out." -Shamir


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