Shaylee "Clearwater": single + live video

Shaylee shares new single and live video for "Clearwater", following the release of Kill Rock Stars debut LP, Short-Sighted Security.

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On the single, Elle says, 
"Clearwater" is a song about platonic love, and more specifically about a friend of mine I went on a date with about a year ago. 

We went to an arcade, a comic book store, and later their place, all along telling each other stories from our lives. Their story was that they came up in Clearwater, Florida, and their parents were members of a pretty gnarly cult. As a nine year old, they got sent to this summer camp in New Mexico for perceived problem children of the cult. On that trip, they nearly died in a horse-riding accident, but on the bright side, they also learned they had a natural talent for shooting when the counselors took the kids to a makeshift target range. Why the camp counselors gave the kids guns, I'll never understand, though. When they made it back home, little to nothing had changed. Once my friend turned 18, they left Clearwater and never looked back, and now they're a successful tattoo artist living their best life.

I fell harder for them than they did for me, and we only went on that one date as a result. So it goes, sometimes. I had their story stuck in my head and months later decided to write about it, and "Clearwater" is what fell out of me. I sent it to them and in their words, "anyone who knows me that hears this will know exactly who it's about". That made me pretty damn happy, I gotta say. I hope it makes you happy, too.”