Shaylee - "Ophelia"

Shaylee releases a new single - "Ophelia" is out everywhere. Stay tuned for the official music video.

"“Ophelia” is a bouncing and exuberant morsel of indie pop. The wall of sound creates a sense of psychedelic swelling that eventually breaks down into a crash cymbals, spectral pianos, and ecstatic vocals. Shaylee pulls the listener in unexpected directions on a continuously soaring course before ultimately bringing them down to earth again." 

Glide Magazine premiered the single a day early and teases at Shaylee's upcoming album, Short-Sighted SecurityCheck out the premiere

Elle Archer of Shaylee says, "“Ophelia” is a song about the kind of romance that burns bright and fizzles out quickly. Sometimes love isn’t meant to last, but that doesn’t make it any less valid or visceral or real. These kinds of short, explosive relationships can provide some of the most memorable experiences life can offer, and my brief relationship with Ophelia during the first covid lockdown was no different. This song is an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle to show the world what our love was like just as the wave began to crest. Ophelia herself was a pure chaotic neutral hellbent on having a good time, even in the face of all our lives being put on hold, and that was such a radical departure from the way I’d been living my life up to that point that I couldn’t help but be completely enthralled with her. Our love was punctuated with all kinds of impulsive behavior, and while that was a ton of fun for a while, it eventually ended with me needing to separate from her so I could clean myself up. Still, I remember her fondly and I hope that despite the darkness lingering underneath the surface of the song that the unfiltered excitement of our love comes shining through the cracks. Just because love is fleeting doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating."