Shutups EP Six

As the world slowly reopens, Shutups’ Six rightfully follows their introspective EP 5 with a sense of reemergence. Free of the literal confines and limited resources that spawned last year’s 5, Six boasts a cacophony of triumphant guitar, exultant harmonies, and expansive synths. However, beneath the anthemic pop-infused exterior of these songs, there’s a lingering pessimism. From the single "NSA (Corporate Holidays)", to the deeply-wounded "Ultimatum", to the angsty "No cursing in your mother's house" and finishing with the self-deprecating acoustic anthem "Fake Xerox Punk", Six speaks to the current bind: a longing to kill the past while burdened with the stresses of the present. It's the feeling that summer ended before it started. 

Last week, Shutups surprised us with the unexpected EP, Seven. With its release came the launch of, named after Seven’s lead single “Shit Opus (Millionaire/EmDrive/Powers Out/Tech Reject)”. The two EPs are available on CD and sold as a package here.

The singles from each EP are accompanied by music videos.

Watch "NSA (Corporate Holidays)"

Watch “Shit Opus (Millionaire/EmDrive/Powers Out/Tech Reject)”