Shutups release single + video "Televised Hit & Run"

Progressing through the various movements of this track is not dissimilar to a symphonic experience. Furious, anthemic, cathartic, with a guitar interlude that feels like getting smacked over the head with memories of a time before we were too used to our angst to forget to feel it.

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Shutups' LP drops Oct 21. Titled I can't eat nearly as much as I want to vomit, it's full of songs just as unforgettable as the title itself. Shop it here.

The music video premiered via Paste Magazine. "Created by the band’s own Eric Stafford (guitar, synths), the “Televised Hit & Run” video gives you a front-row seat to a virtual Shutups set pervaded by glitchy internet-age whimsy. The band used VR tech and 3D rendering to capture their movements as they pantomimed performing the track, then crudely mapped photos onto their digital stand-ins—the result is oddly nostalgic, for one thing, like a group of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 NPCs wandered off and decided to host a basement show. Shutups jump-cut their way through a house plagued by digital decay, their instruments invisible, the laws of physics rewritten on disk. Drummer Mia Wood’s arms clip through her torso; vocalist/guitarist Hadley Davis is dressed in halves of each Dumb & Dumber tuxedo; at one point, the band take a detour into Windows XP’s default wallpaper. This “computer room” fever dream becomes a nightmare as “Televised Hit & Run” transforms from heavy krautrock rager to punishing hardcore chaos."

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