Slang - Hit The City - single + video

Slang's second single and video from their upcoming record, Cockroach in a Ghost Town, is out now - "Hit The City" first appeared on the 2004 Mark Lanagan album, Bubblegum

Drew Grow of Slang says, "Singing another person’s song is not simple for me, especially one by someone of such unparalleled gravitas and poetic power as Mark Lanegan. I wanted to understand it, to give myself over to it, to find my own resonance with it. This song is devastating and looming and required weeks of effort. I really feared I couldn’t do it. But you know, late one night, singing it again in our home studio, it let me in. With Lanegan’s recent untimely passing, the tribute we recorded in 2019 hits us harder. I hope we did it justice. Thank you, Mark. RIP.

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