Slang - single + video out now

Starting again
If you survive, you are the one who wakes up the next morning
and surveys the room, the landscape
what is lost
what is left, what remains
with just your own hands, your belief, your vision, your body
and the work in front of you
Makes for wild dreams
Archetypes appearing with messages
From the deep
a wise old tune gets cranked out of the black box of cells and DNA
On that morning here is no nike there is no jesus-the-cupcake, no believable lies
just these hands 
and the day rising all on its own


The title track from Slang's upcoming album, Cockroach in a Ghost Town, is out now, accompanied by a music video full of memories past. You don't want to miss this one. 

>>> Listen + watch: Cockroach in the Ghost Town <<<