Slang - Single + Video Out Now

"In the days while we were writing and recording this record our wild-eyed neighbor, who we suspect ran a fence for items stolen from people's porches and side yards via his frequent sidewalk sales, got in a mood one afternoon and started a garbage fire in his yard that quickly spread right up to his house and we had to call in the fire trucks.

We never saw his lights on at night. We would see his front door wide open in the winter. He can't have had heat in there.

Cold.. it got me to thinking. Sometimes it feels like you gotta break shit. Les Mis, PDX, USA these days. Money and thieves, fires, survivors and cops. How do you survive tragedies? How do you get warm? Is there such a thing as warm enough? How do you fight back?  Can you warm your heart anymore?"

Slang's single and video "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" is out now. Their record, Cockroach in a Ghost Town, drops May 27th. Drew Grow (Modern Kin, the Pastors’ Wives), Kathy Foster (Roseblood, The Thermals), Janet Weiss (Quasi, Wild Flag, and Sleater-Kinney), and Anita Lee Elliot (Viva Voce) have created a force of nature debut record.