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“Garakuta” leads the charge, matching muscly intensity with moments of cloudy meditation—like a world-class high jumper finding bliss at the apex of their leap. Framed by regal flute and guitar, a thumping rhythm section, and gravelly backing vocals, Kuroki delivers a reverb-drenched rallying cry, which she calls “a song of rebellion for all that has been thrown out of this world.” And as the band’s psychedelic roil comes to a climax, her Japanese dips into a mellifluous breath to paint a landscape of plastic flowers, polystyrene snow, and mountains of cellphones.

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‘’Listen to our voices! We are the waste you throw out and that cannot return into the ground! Comrades, stand up! We will take control!’’ 

Those are the first lines (translated from Japanese) that come out of singer Maya Kuroki’s mouth in a wild, liquidy growl on ‘Garakuta’ (which translates to ‘junk’). ‘’Indeed, it’s a sort of anthemic song for the rebellion of wastes…’’ says Kuroki. ‘’I imagined a world where everything we throw out came back to protest… And I’m not necessarily only thinking from an environmental perspective, it is rather an analogy for anything or anybody that is cast out of society because they are considered useless by the norm’’. Think ‘Night of the living Junk’ set to a fast-paced ‘all-in-unison’ riff attack that reinvents ‘Matsuri’ (Traditional Japanese street festival) vibes by injecting it with punk energy, psychedelic blues, guitar played like a shamisen (traditional Japanese 3-string instrument) and the shinobue flute leading this delirious parade!


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