TEKE::TEKE - New Single + Video + Album Announce

Meikyu ('Labyrinth' or 'Maze' in Japanese)
The new single and video from TEKE::TEKE's upcoming album, Shirushi.

The Montreal-based seven-piece band fuse traditional Japanese instrumentation to punk guitar, creating their own universe. And the video made by the band takes you there. 

Ferocious and hypnotic guitar and bass. A tribal beat and a distant flute. The trombone is haunting and the mysterious female voice pulls you right into the psychedelic tale. 

"...a tense labyrinthian ride through TEKE::TEKE's style, uniting the band’s influences, both modern and traditional, for a fresh and fascinating take on Japanese psych punk."
-Under The Radar


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Shirushi - Album out May 7th - Preorder now

After taking inspiration from Japanese surf rock to Brazilian psychedelia to Bulgarian folk and tearing those compositions apart, Montreal-based TEKE::TEKE have built a beautiful new beginning out of destruction on debut album Shirushi.

Japan meets Montreal meets psychedelia. We are eager for this record to get to your ears, but we assure you, it's worth the wait.

Track list:
1. Kala Kala

2. Yoru Ni 

3. Dobugawa 

4. Barbara 

5. Kizashi 

6. Kaminari

7. Sarabande 

8. Meikyu 

9. Tekagami

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