TEKE::TEKE - Shirushi - Debut Album Out Now

"Spitfire songs...frenzied mishmash of guitars, trombone, assorted Japanese instruments, and Kuroki’s singing — guttural, physical shrieks in her native tongue — bears a manic energy that bleeds into even the ballads"
The New Yorker
"Unparalleled energy in all its surf-psych glory"
"If Quentin Tarantino directed a Bond film, it would feel something like how 'Yoru Ni' sounds"
“TEKE::TEKE's exotic blend of Japanese balladry, surf rock and psychedelia is not to be slept on”
Guitar World
"Spies mosh with surfers, ninjas and supervillains.... Nothing else in 2021 sounds quite like it."

We have been anticipating May 7th for months - eagerly wanting to get this album out for you all to hear.
TEKE::TEKE's geniusness roots from all seven of the members - each adding the most exquisite layer to this entity that embodies intrigue and psych-punk.

Vocals: Maya Kuroki

Keys, synth, flute: Yuki Isami
Drums: Ian C. Lettre
Trombone: Etienne Lebel
Guitar: Serge Nakauchi Pelletier
Guitar: Hidetaka Yoneyama
Bass: Mishka

Dive into the TEKE::TEKE universe and get to know their history with their Origin Story video - created by Serge and Maya.