Tele Novella - Merlynn Belle - Album Out Now

Tele Novella's album is out in its entirety, four dreamy super-8 music videos later. We are delighted about this release. 

Medieval outsider country. Recorded entirely on an 8-track cassette. 


This is the first time I just let the songs be about real life… real people,” frontwoman Natalie Ribbons says.

Listen where you listen, order the record, watch the super-8 music videos.


"Her velvety voice is rich with emotion, crooning over strummy, Flamenco-esque guitar and percussion that’s minimal and rickety, as if it were being played by a wind-up toy."

"Remember that thing Bill Graham once said about The Grateful Dead? "They're not the best at what they do, they're the only ones that do what they do". Well we might need to borrow that for Tele Novella."
-Shindig Magazine

"As frontwoman Natalie Ribbons’ voice ranges from candlelit whispers to coyote howls, there’s an honesty and vulnerability that underlies every word."
-Circuit Sweet

"Merlynn Belle is a testament to their unwillingness to bend to rules enforced from the outside world. Once their spell is cast you find them impossible to resist. Burrowing under your skin the songs take hold, and you are unable to resist the twisted charms of Tele Novella."
-Folk Radio