The Cribs - Finger-Nailed For You - Comet Gain cover

The 30th anniversary cover series continues- 

The Cribs cover Comet Gain - "Finger-Nailed For You".

The British band made a demo tape in 2001 to send to KRS for consideration, but withheld sending any tracks. This release is two decades worth a wait. 

Ryan Jarman - Vocals, Guitar, Mixing
Gary Jarman - Bass, Backing Vocals, Acoustic, Violin

Ross Jarman - Drums, Percussion

Recorded in Gary’s basement (Portland), Ryan’s bedroom (NYC) and Ross’ garage (Wakefield)
Mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering, Portland OR

The Cribs state:Comet Gain are one of the bands who have meant the most to us throughout our lives. From listening to them on cassette walkman on rainy bus journeys to college as teens, all the way through to becoming a full-time touring band, their music has been a consistent companion for us and has somehow always provided the perfect soundtrack to every place and situation we found ourselves in, no matter how disparate. For years they made us believe that Croydon was the promised land, such was the power of their poetry. They just make you BELIEVE full stop.

(Incidentally, the primary motivation behind the first ever Cribs recording back in 2001 was to make a demo for KRS as a submission for the ‘Fields and Streams’ compilation...but we got too nervous and never sent it in. So this is a 20 year dream come true).”