The Hackles - Martian Saints - Mary Lou Lord Cover

Martian Saints” is the fifth single of the series, following yesterday’s (February 24th, 2021) tribute to Stereo Total’s Françoise Cactus - Badlands shared “Lunatique”.

The Hackles lineup for this recording consists of:
Kati Claborn (vox, guitar, clarinet)
Luke Ydstie (vox, guitar, bass, keys)
Halli Anderson (vox, violin)
Olaf Ydstie (drums)
Adam Selzer (theremin, mixing)
Adam Gonsalves (mastering)

“This project gave us a great excuse to dive deep into the warm saline pool that is the Kill Rock Stars catalogue. Mary Lou Lord’s 1996 album Martian Saints ended up on repeat at our house, and after some debate we settled on the title track for our cover. Martian Saints is an extraterrestrial ear worm, and the experience of coming slightly unhinged while waiting for deliverance in the confines of one’s home has particular resonance at the moment.”

This track is originally from Mary Lou Lord’s 1996 7”, Martian Saints (KRS264). The third and final track on the 7”, “I Figured You Out”, brings another KRS alumni to the table, featuring Elliott Smith.

The first track released in the series was Mary Lou Lord and Mikaela Davis covering Elliott Smith's "Some Song". All of the dots are connecting!

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