The Inflorescence - new single + video

Thank San Diego for giving us Iron Butterfly, Blink-182 & Stone Temple Pilots but it’s got another distinction now. In 2019, a group of wise-beyond-their-years SD teens, singer/guitarist Tuesday Denekas (they/them), drummer Milla Merlini (she/her) and bassist Sasha A'Hearn (she/her), rose like punk-pop phoenix's from the ashes of their previous band to corral guitarist/singer Charlee Berlin (who owned but didn't know how to play her instrument at first) to resurrect Denekas' songs of heartbreak and determination.

Clocking in at almost seven minutes, this bold, unforgiving song earns its length, starting with elastic Neil Young guitar workouts and ending with beautiful fluid extended guitar solos (think Richard Thompson). The lyrics are no less gripping with the twisted desperation of “you just might be/the only one I think could be the one for me” matched by a brutal demand for emotional pain at the end- “just try your hardest and stare right at me and break my heart like you have already.”

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