The Inflorescence sign to Kill Rock Stars + covers series tandem

Two tracks originally performed by Bratmobile are released today for Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary covers series.

We welcome The Inflorescence to the Kill Rock Stars family with their cover of “Cool Schmool”. Plus, Desert Mambas give a pastel, surfy flair to “Polaroid Baby”.

The Inflorescence “Cool Schmool” Bratmobile cover

Desert Mambas “Polaroid Baby” Bratmobile cover

The Inflorescence are a colorful, power pop indie, no-man-band from San Diego, California. Tuesday Denekas on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Charlee Berlin on lead guitar and backup vocals, Milla Merlini on drums, and Sasha A’Hearn on bass, being filled in for while she’s away at college. Forming a band and releasing music on a label isn’t exclusive to the age group legal to vote. Some members of the band are completing high school while others move away to start their first years of college. Cool schmool. Stay tuned for more music in 2022.

The Inflorescence say, “”Cool Schmool” by Bratmobile is an iconic song that helped define the punk and riot grrrl movements, and we’re honored to continue that legacy and pay homage to the Kill Rock Stars bands that helped pave the way for future generations of female punk musicians. We’re excited to be on this artist compilation with KRS, an independent label that has continued to define alternative music for decades.”

Hailing from the dusty deserts of Tucson, Arizona, Desert Mambas is the side project of Foxx Bodies' guitarist Bailey Moses. Departing from the exuberant force found in Foxx Bodies, Bailey places the guitar's tones into a warm atmosphere surrounded by their rich vocals. If the Mojave had a soundtrack, it would be scored by Desert Mambas, with lush low ends and surfy melodies. These are the characteristics Desert Mambas give to Bratmobile's "Polaroid Baby" for the label's 30th anniversary covers series. 

Bailey says, “Since I first heard “Pottymouth”, the track “Polaroid Baby'' immediately stuck out to me. A short, sweet interlude about baby pictures and LA? Or something like that? Of course, as I got older and met more of those cute, white privileged polaroid babies in real life, the song’s meaning shifted. I’m honored to have my bizzaro, queer Johnny Cash esque cover of this tune included in the KRS 30th Anniversary Compilation.”


The covers series is titled Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars), consisting of no less than 61 songs. The digital subscription is $20 up until the final Bandcamp Day on December 3rd. After, the price goes to $30. Once purchased, a download alert is received as each new track is released. Purchase it here.