Welcome zannie to the KRS lot!

zannie has joined Kill Rock Stars and shares a dreamlike single to set things off. 

"mechanical bull" - available anywhere you get your music here

zannie is the project of instrumentalist and singer songwriter Zannie Owens, who is currently based in NYC. After writing and performing with Really Big Pinecone for two albums, they have vegetatively budded their debut solo album to be spawned in the year 2022. Their music deals in the feelings of pining for the unknown, pining for pines, romantic yet mundane science fiction, celestial mechanics, collective care, and biophilia. They love you and you should too. 

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“I wrote “mechanical bull” after waking up from a particularly vivid dream involving the fusion of various bull mythos: namely the bull of heaven, the Minotaur of Minos, and the modern mechanical bull. The dream followed a dysfunctional family on vacation. At the end, the father became obsessed with a giant glowing mechanical bull in a maze beneath a deserted house the family entered to call for help. The twins went down to the basement to look for their father, and happened upon an underwater mirror room where they converged into one entity. The father spent the rest of his days following the mechanical bull through the maze. Here the bull is both the solution and problem...the mechanical bull represents a system of our own creation we're forced to hop back on again and again. Yet that mystic bull can also represent the comfort one can access feeling the weight of their body on the earth, and not needing to be perceived to exist. Quite simply it's tough out here, give yourself a hug!”