Whisper Hiss - Firefly - Heavens To Betsy cover

Whisper Hiss is a four-piece post-punk band from Portland, Oregon. Their sound has been described as an “infectious mix” bringing together influences like 80s new wave, 60s girl group, bubblegum and garage with lyrics that explore themes of reclaiming personal power, marginalization, radical vulnerability, and telepathy. 

“Firefly” originally appeared on Heavens To Betsy’s 1994 album, Calculated. This was Corin Tucker’s first band, with Tracy Sawyer on drums and occasionally bass, originating in 1991. “Firefly” is a bonus track on the album. 

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Whisper Hiss says, “KRS has been really inspiring to us. As young queer people, your catalog felt like an exciting and safe place to find songs that truly spoke to us, celebrating art that left behind the status quo. 

“Firefly” potently speaks to the feeling of dimming your own light to protect yourself, a feeling too often felt especially by queer and other marginalized people. We really wanted to linger on every word in our cover of the song. 

This one is dedicated to the girl on the school bus who put her headphones on our ears and said “listen to my favorite band,” for that girl who sewed the same Heavens to Betsy patch to the back of THREE favorite jackets, and for the member of our band who sat outside in the Midwest heat humming this song to literal fireflies in the night.” 


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