Your Heart Breaks - The Wrack Line - Album Out

"Clyde Petersen pressurizes their songwriting into Your Heart Breaks. It’s sharp and unapologetic, sometimes cutting into the heart membrane with shocking precision."
B-Sides & Badlands

"Your Heart Breaks should be indie-rock royalty..."
OUT FRONT Magazine

"[Petersen]...brings an earnest sheen and an ear for textural indie pop hooks..."
Under the Radar

"...a secret charmer you should all put on your radar..."
Austin Town Hall


Kill Rock Stars is thrilled to share Your Heart BreaksThe Wrack Line is OUT NOW! In the summer of 2022, the Your Heart Breaks studio band, made up of Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson from the band LAKE and Katherine Paul from Black Belt Eagle Scout, gathered at the Unknown Studio in Anacortes, Washington with producer Nicholas Wilbur to record the songs that would eventually become The Wrack Line.

On planet Earth, the wrack line is a collection of organic material and debris left behind on the shore after a high tide. Walking the wrack you’ll find kelp, seagrass, shells, driftwood, dead sea creatures, agates, remnants of humanity and, once in a while, secret treasures thrown overboard from a container ship caught in a storm. Clyde Petersen’s The Wrack Line holds true to this natural phenomenon–a summation of the past few years, a lifetime of friendships, feelings and memories, broken free of a gyre and left upon the artists’ shoreline. The album was written as a collaborative effort between Petersen, occasionally known as Your Heart Breaks, and a slew of many special guests across the world. These songs were created through numerous exchanges of concepts, hooks, riffs, and emotional conversations, processed through tin-can telephones, carrier pigeons, twilight dreams, and shooting stars. Take your shoes off and walk the beach.

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