zannie releases single and video + announces debut LP

We are honored to announce zannie’s debut album How Do I Get That Star, out August 19th. In tandem with the announcement, zannie has also released a track and video for the single “a rose for every puppet.” On the track, zannie explores the range and power of love, not just in the big feeling romantic kind, but also in a more platonic sense. There are saxophones and pristine bass grooves, synths that shimmer and shake. The song exists in the milieu between thorny chamber pop and adult contemporary. 

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Of the video, zannie tells BrooklynVegan: “This video was made in collaboration with my three good friends Geoff, Richard, and Will at the Cuneen-Hackett Theater in Poughkeepsie. The theater opened in 1881 and the energetic history is palpable. The video is designed to be a Henson-ian daydream sequence from the perspective of a janitor. This character is a wink both to the origin of the word janitor (from the Roman god Janus, keeper of metaphorical doors, transitions, and the unification of dualities), and the late night warriors and dreamers of our world doing the unseen dirty work. The hands of fate are more tolerable when holding your friend’s hand. or a puppets hand. or your friend’s hand is a puppet holding your hand, etc.”

Watch the video here

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