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• Features collaborations with Anne Preven (Beyonce, Madonna, Demi Lovato), God-des, Roma Baran (Laurie Anderson), Melissa York (Team Dresch, The Butchies) and Faith Soloway (Transparent)

Bitchcraft was born in a move from New York City, where Bitch had lived for 15 years, to a log cabin in the woods. There was all the time in the world to make art, and it was there, in the cabin, that Bitch began to write some of the songs that would appear on Bitchcraft. “It gave me space to think about the biggest version of myself that I could be,” she says of those early days in the cabin. The songs she wrote were a departure from anything she’d ever written before, and she began to craft huge pop tracks with the help of her trusty violin. Then, she moved to LA and Bitchcraft began to shapeshift again. 

In the time that followed, Bitch assembled a coven to complete it. She called on Anne Preven (Beyonce, Madonna, Demi Lovato) and God-des who helped her crystalize her vision in terms of writing and production. She called on Roma Baran (Laurie Anderson) to produce the violins on “Polar Bear.” She called on Melissa York (Team Dresch, The Butchies) and Faith Soloway (Transparent) to co-write a couple of the songs.

The resulting record is one that is full of glorious pop tracks that go in unexpected directions. Bitchcraft is like Joni Mitchell set to a click track, it’s queer Cyndi Lauper. It’s neon pink, in your face, ready to hex you with its brilliance. It’s an unbelievably fun record that is extremely capable of breaking your heart a little bit. It also makes you think: about the state of the world, about evil politicians, about what it means to exist as a woman, and how to find joy along the way. 

1. You’re The Man
2. Easy Target
3. Hello Meadow!
4. Pages
5. Another Wound

6. Nothing In My Pockets
7. Polar Bear
8. Fallen Witch Pt. 1
9. Hateful Thoughts
10. Fallen Witch Pt. 2
11. Divvy It Up

Cat. No. KRS684
Release date: February 4, 2022