Tamar Aphek

All Bets Are Off

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For Tamar Aphek, the freedom to improvise was essential to creating the incredible ups-and-downs expressed on her solo debut, All Bets Are Off. From the machine-gun percussiveness of “Crossbow”, to the creeping desolation of “Russian Winter”, to the intimate insights of “All I Know”, the album delights in twists and turns. Commenting on jealousy and surveillance, love and compassion, anger and escape, and countless more challenges unrevealed, it’s no wonder Aphek hoped to capture “the feeling of a rollercoaster.”

1. Russian Winter
2. Show Me Your Pretty Side
3. All I Know
4. Drive
5. Too Much Information

6. Crossbow
7. Beautiful Confusion
8. Nothing Can Surprise Me
9. As Time Goes By

Cat. No. KRS683
Release date: January 29th, 2021