Kleenex / LiLiPUT

First Songs

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During the punk rock era of the late '70s, there were three bands comprising women who made some of the best, most adventurous, most exhilarating, and most critically derided music of the time. Two were the English bands the Slits and the Raincoats, and the third band, from Switzerland, was LiLiPUT. Fans of all three bands will argue ad infinitum as to who was the better. But one thing is for certain: LiLiPUT was an amazing band that recorded amazing music, and comparing what they accomplished to that of another band is a useless intellectual exercise. Besides, it detracts from valuable listening time.  They began with the name Kleenex until the threat of a lawsuit by corporate giant Kimberly-Clark (who had copyrighted the name Kleenex) forced them to become LiLiPUT in 1980.

What's collected here certainly belongs in the same realm as the other great, pioneering, female-dominated bands of the time. Liliput were one of the finest in their field, male or female. From their punkier singles as Kleenex to their more avant-garde developments as LiLiPUT, this compilation offers over two solid hours of great music that hasn't depreciated at all. In light of all the bands they've inspired, this stuff probably sounds even better than it did when it was first issued.

1. Ain’t You
2. Beri-Beri
3. Madness
4. Krimi
5. 1978
6. Nighttoad
7. Hedi's Head

8. Ü
9. You
10. Nice
11. DC-10
12. Die Matrosen
13. Split

14. Hitch Hike
15. Eisiger Wind
16. Igel
17. Türk
18. Wig-Wam
19. Thumblerdoll

20. Tisko
21. Turn The Table
22. Dolly Dollar
23. I Had A Dream
24. When The Cat's Away

Cat. No. KRS629
Release date: December 9, 2016