Sarah Mary Chadwick

Flipped It

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To listen to Sarah Mary Chadwick's music is to be a quiet observer to her thoughts on love, death and mental health. Sometimes anguish bears itself in sullen, dreamy vs dreary moments, but more often torment manifests at the break of Chadwick's voice as she sings painfully vulnerable, self-aware lyrics.

"I always write a lot so I love it when songs can find homes in the outside world. Track one 'Flipped It' was recorded in the "Me and Ennui" session, and I couldn't find a comfortable place for it on that record. Track Two 'All the things...' was recorded during the "Please Daddy" sessions, earlier that same year in 2019. Track 3 'People Shouldn't...' was recorded in Adelaide 2010 (I think??) during the Batrider recording of "Piles of Lies".  a few of the other solo songs I recorded during this Batrider session made up part of my first solo record 'Eating For Two". The fourth track "Lay Your Body On Mine" was recorded in the "Roses always Die" sessions, and the last song was recorded by me the other night. It's a funny smattering of styles and songs, I can see myself in all of them though." - Sarah Mary Chadwick

1. Flipped It

2. All Those Things We'll Never Do

Digital Bonus Tracks:

3. People Shouldn't Set You Up
4. Lay Your Body On Mine
5.The Impossible Task 

Cat. No. KRS728
Release date: November 11, 2022