Future Child

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Mi'ens is a mathy noise rock duo from Vancouver, Canada, founded in 2012. Experimental, with a side of sparklepop. Mi'ens is the female-fronted shredding of Kim Glennie on guitar/loops/Moog, backed by the polyrhythmic blastbeats of Evan Heggen on drums. Their unique brand of math noise consists of live loops, layered textural guitar and effects, the warm, analog drone of the Moog, coupled with well-placed vocalizations, all atop breakneck beats. Mi'ens veers into the territory of art rock/post rock on their latest, Future Child, a follow up to 2017's Challenger, their 2014 LP experimentalsparklenoisepop and the 2013 demo EP Mi’ens. Mi'ens has toured the US, UK and Canada, and has opened for Tera Melos, Elephant Gym, LITE and Drug Apts. “Virtuosic and chaotic soundscapes.” "Reminiscent of Hella or Don Cab." "Complex conversational playing." "Trippy as fuck."

1. Future Child
2. French Disko
3. Charge Dodger
4. Nu11 Set

5. Rifft Valley
6. Bolshevik Brunch
7. Ice Cream Ponies
8. Mondlandung

Cat. No. KRS663
Release date: September 25, 2020