How Do I Get That Star

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How Do I Get This Star is Zannie Owens’ debut record under their own name, as well as the first release with Kill Rock Stars. Previously, they performed as Potted Plant and they co-helmed the band Really Big Pinecone alongside Michael Buishas (0 Stars, .michael). This latest effort is self-produced, and features contributions from friends in New York, as well as zannie’s brother Sam, who plays bass and also mixed the record. Made over the course of four years, the record deals with feelings of pining for the unknown, the mystical, and the mundane. To paraphrase zannie, the record was produced mitotically from their mind. The resulting 11 songs (picked precisely because of the number’s magical, symmetrical qualities), are warm to the touch. To listen to How Do I Get That Star is to immerse oneself in a sound bath or look up at the stars on a summer night in the middle of nowhere.

1. mechanical bull
2. a rose for every puppet
3. get that star
4. lovers
5. for a while

6. forest flesh
7. poison plant
8. song of rose pain
9. route 32
10. holy ghosted
11. doppler

Cat. No. KRS722
Release date: August 19, 2022