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MAITA's latest offering, Loneliness is an unorthodox release for the prolific writer, in that the track listing is exactly the same as 2022’s I Just Want to Be Wild For You. Following the release of IJWTBWFU, Maita felt the urge to record a quiet, introspective record, allowing the same songs to be heard in a different light, closer to how they were originally written.

The once bombastic ‘‘Honey, Have I Lost It All,’’ an ode to fearing writers block and obsolescence, comes across as gauzy yearning, while “Pastel Concrete,” shows up not as the jaunty surf-pop audiences are familiar with, instead a wistful reflection of the shallow depths of Southern California sunshine.

Throughout the record, songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler, accompanied only by her nylon string guitar, re-imagines I Just Want to Be Wild For You, cementing her place among the echelon of today’s greatest songwriters.

1. Loneliness
2. Pastel Concrete
3. You Sure Can Kill a Sunday Part I & II
4. Road Song
5. Ex-Wife
6. Honey, Have I Lost It All?
7. Light of My Life
8. Blue Has Gone Grey
9. Where Do You Go?
10. I Just Want to Be Wild For You

Cat. No. KRS761
Release date: February 12, 2023