Foxx Bodies


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Foxx Bodies often describes themselves as an accident. Bailey Moses, Adam Bucholz, and Matt Vanek came together in their shared home when their singer Bella Vanek asked everyone to play loud music she could scream over after she began unpacking her newly-recognized childhood abuse. While each of them had been practicing musicians from a young age, none had been in a band before Foxx Bodies.

Their first show was just as unconventional as their formation, with Tucson hometown hero Lando Chill asking them to open his album release show without ever having heard them play. After scrambling to write material for their first show, they discovered that their own unrehearsed brand of surf punk struck a chord with audiences and it was clear — Foxx Bodies wasn't going anywhere.

Foxx Bodies
’ second album, Vixen, required thousands of dollars in therapy and medication to create. What started as another album filled with harsh memories of childhood and sexual abuse quickly evolved into a present day telling of the lead singer’s battle with various mental illnesses as she was diagnosed with them. An exploration of queer identity, the permanent impact that trauma has on the brain, and an unfiltered inside perspective on psychiatric hospitalization and borderline personality disorder can be found within these 13 tracks. 

1. Bad Kid
2. Victim One
3. Wind
4. BPD
5. Car Talk
6. Room

7. Runaway
8. Breakfast
9. Monsoon Surf Club
10. Anamia
11. Hospital
12. Vixen
13. Anthem

Cat. No. KRS706
Release date: November 5, 2021