30th covers: Corrina Repp covers Xiu Xiu

Last month, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Corrina Repp released her graceful new album Island, spanning everything from haunting folk to exploratory guitar to cinematic pop, via our label partner Jealous Butcher Records. Today, she returns with a new cover + video for Xiu Xiu’s classic I Luv The Valley OH!” as the latest entry in our 30th anniversary singles series Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars).

These cover tracks will be pouring out the remainder of the year - don't miss a beat - subscribers get notifications + downloads as soon as tracks drop. 

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Repp says, "There's no one like Jamie. His lyrics, phrasing, vocal style. He couldn't be further from how I sing a song. I've always struggled with cover songs, just wanting to leave well enough alone. I found a way to channel Jamie through my own voice and slow motion dismantling of the song.  I hope I did it justice and perhaps put an entirely new emotional veil across this version."

Listen to her take on "I Luv The Valley OH!" here