Kill Rock Stars signing announce + anniversary covers comp out everywhere !

Your Heart Breaks covers the Frumpies -  "Whatshisname Hearts the Frumpies"

Available now on all platforms here

Your Heart Breaks is Northwest musician, artist and filmmaker Clyde Petersen (they/he). Founded in Bellingham, Washington in 1998, this queer indie-pop band centers broad musical collaboration and an intersectional DIY punk ethos as core band values. Musical experimentation is encouraged in the studio and on tour and their lyric-driven songs focus on storytelling, adventure and a personal exploration of queerness and gender identity throughout life. Call him an old 90’s punk, an aging indie rocker or “that little Buddy Holly looking guy” (it's just the glasses), Clyde’s been doing the same thing since 1998; making music, making art, alphabetizing his CD and zine collection and getting a little bit weirder with every passing day. Kill Rock Stars is ecstatic to announce the first of many releases with Your Heart Breaks.


“Whatshisname Hearts the Frumpies” is a track by legendary punks, the Frumpies. The Frumpies were made up of Bikini Kill’s Tobi VailKathi Wilcox, and Billy Karren, Bratmobile’s Molly Neuman, and Weird War’s Michelle Mae. 


You may remember Clyde as the video creator for Logan Lynn's video for Elliott Smith cover, "Baby Britain".


Clyde and his cardboard gear van. Photo by Dorothy Edwards


The Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) covers compilation had over 60 songs released all throughout 2021 for Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary and includes this cover by Your Heart Breaks. Today, on April 22nd, the comp will be available digitally across all platforms. You can support indie artists and this indie label by purchasing it here.