Logan Lynn Releases dance song of the summer, “Rich and Beautiful”

Logan Lynn is a songwriter, producer, filmmaker, television personality and activist who Billboard writes “has made a career out of crafting catchy, disorderly songs that almost all include big beats, fun melodies and cheeky lyrics”. He has been producing and releasing music for the past two decades, and next year will be releasing his tenth studio album on Kill Rock Stars. Logan spearheaded the global launch of the .gay domain, for which he is the brand spokesperson.

“Rich and Beautiful” is Logan’s first track released on Kill Rock Stars as a solo act. He collaborated with Bitch on a cover of Gossip’s “Standing in the Way of Control” for the label’s anniversary series.

Watch/share the music video HERE

Song written and produced by Logan Lynn and Gino Mari

Logan says, “We originally released this in the middle of the pandemic when I was stuck inside by myself. I realize this is not a super original experience, but Gino Mari and I worked remotely and all of the vocals on the original were recorded on my iPhone. It was rough — so getting to go into the studio and remake this thing for Kill Rock Stars was really special. We turned it into the banger it wanted to be all along, and we got the video team back together to release a new cut of that, as well. Hot vaxx summer, bb.”