Mike Watt + The Black Gang - Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill Cover

Kill Rock Stars is 30 years old! We'll be celebrating all year in a number of ways, like releasing covers from our catalogue. 

Rebel Girl” is the second single of the series, following a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Some Song​” by Mary Lou Lord and Mikaela Davis.

Recorded live Oct 16, 1998 at The Knitting Factory in New York City, NY
By ​Mike Watt + The Black Gang
Nels Cline​: guitar + backup singing
Bob Lee​: drums + backup singing
Steve Reed​: front of house sound + backup singing
Mike Watt​: bass + spiel
Bikini Kill: original performance of song

KRS founder Slim Moon says, "It is fitting that this second single in this 30th anniversary series is by ​Mike Watt​ with ​Nels Cline​ and ​Bob Lee,​ just as it was fitting that the first single in the series involved ​Mary Lou Lord.​ It is another 'slight return' of an artist we had the pleasure of working with a bit back in the '90s. The trio on this single were featured on the 1999 T​ his Is A Prayer 7​ " 3-song single. Watt's trio L'il Pit​ released a 7" on KRS in 1997, and Dos​, Watt's duo with K​ira Roessler,​ dropped their third album, ​Justamente Tres​, on Kill Rock Stars in 1996. To whatever degree I believe in the "great women and men" theory of human history, Mike Watt is one of the towering figures in the history of punk rock - so is Nels Cline - and Bikini Kill is the greatest punk rock band in the history of the world. Knowing I got to work with these amazing people means I can die happy."

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