ONETWOTHREE single and video "Give Paw" + Kleenex/LiLiPUT KRS30 Pink Vinyl

ONETWOTHREE is what happens when you combine three women bassist singers from 70s/80s Swiss bands. Klaudia Schifferle (Kleenex/Liliput) + Madlaina Peer (Noknows) + Sara Schaer (TNT, Souldawn). Their album comes out October 15 and the second single + video is out now.

Listen and watch "Give Paw"

For our 30th anniversary year, we've been releasing albums new and old on limited edition pink vinyl - 91 copies available for our founding year of 1991. 

Out today is the limited pressing of Kleenex/LilLiPUT's First Songs.

Collect 'em and get this pink wax before it's gone.