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After initially forming as a tribute band for Japanese surf-guitar legend Takeshi Terauchi, TEKE::TEKE have expanded into something completely wild, fusing everything from traditional Japanese instruments to psychedelic and punk guitar, resulting in a 7-piece rock band fronted by the bespectacled whirlwind powerhouse, Maya Kuroki.

On their debut album Shirushi, TEKE::TEKE blend their eastern and western influences to produce a set of songs that play like soundtracks to a wildly eccentric and epic film saga, Brooklyn Vegan commenting on their track ‘Yoru Ni’, that it’s as if ‘Tarantino directed a Bond film.'

TEKE::TEKE’s debut has garnered critical acclaim at home and abroad, being nominated for the prestigious Polaris Prize, with raves in outlets such as The New Yorker who called the album a “cross-continental musical scramble while flirting with detonation,” The Times UK - who chose the band as “best of the fest” in their The Great Escape review, Rolling Stone France and many more.

Signed to the notorious grunge label Kill Rock Stars, who helped launch the careers of artists such as Sleater-Kinney and Elliott Smith, the band are hard at work on their next album, which will come out summer 2023, produced by the band and Daniel Schlett (DIIV, Booker T Jones, Ghostface Killah, Nick Hakim, War on Drugs).

Most recently the band were handpicked by The Decembertists' Chris Funk to feature an original song on the new Dungeons & Dragons compilation album, released by Kill Rock Stars to critical acclaim.

Recent Press

"Spitfire songs...frenzied mishmash of guitars, trombone, assorted Japanese instruments, and Kuroki’s singing — guttural, physical shrieks in her native tongue — bears a manic energy that bleeds into even the ballads. ....engaging in a cross-continental musical scramble while flirting with detonation." - The New Yorker

"...defies description and most definitely demands attention." - Consequence

"...this music instantly puts you in a Seijun Suzuki ultra-cool world." - The Wire

"Nothing else in 2021 sounds quite like it." "Spies mosh with surfers, ninjas and supervillains..." - BrooklynVegan

"The highlight of my weekend was happening upon the Canadian Japanese rock band TEKE::TEKE. […] They were one of those bands, helped by the alternately angry and welcoming charisma of the singer Maya Kuroki, who nobody knew before and everyone was talking about afterwards." - The Times UK



On their debut album Shirushi, TEKE::TEKE blend classic Japanese balladry, surf rock, psychedelia, and more to produce a set of songs that play like soundtracks to a wildly eccentric epic film saga. From the spiritual tale of “Yoru Ni” to the stomping adventure ride of “Kala Kala” and the doomed romance of “Dobugawa”, the Montreal-based seven-piece find a mystic cohesion. By tearing apart roaring punk guitar riffs, folk instrumentation, poetic Japanese lyrics, and big band energy, Shirushi builds a dazzling mosaic of styles and eras.

After initially forming as a tribute band for Japanese guitar legend Takeshi Terauchi, TEKE::TEKE learned that they had to tear up their surf-tinged covers and build something new. Since then they have expanded their already wide scope into a dazzling journey through classic Japanese balladry and Brazillian psychedelia alike. Fusing everything from traditional Japanese instrumentation to punk guitar, TEKE::TEKE have created their own musical universe--one that’s continuously expanding.

1. Kala Kala
2. Yoru Ni
3. Dobugawa
4. Barbara
5. Kizashi

6. Kaminari
7. Sarabande
8. Meikyu
9. Tekagami

Cat. No. KRS688
Release date: May 7, 2021

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